A small nod to the fact we've had international interest recently


So. It's what you see: a place to talk in English in the middle of a Finnish speaking forum. I don't know if this is a good idea or a bad idea, it will be up to you to "decide". For now all I can say is welcome and I hope everyone likes their stay!

The forum interface is switchable to English language from the bottom of the page, where there is a language switcher (image below). Not everything appears in English, but most should be quite ok.

2014-11-12 Language switch.png

We'll be improving our English language support quite a bit in the near future. During next month registration to Society's moots should become available to use in English. This will be just a part of modernizing our event organizer codebase (and in case you don't know, I'm the developer, or the person who cares about the hard technical stuff nobody understands).

I hope that this discussion room helps to provide a nice gateway for talking with our international friends about our activities here in Finland and maybe also as a place for you to tell more about your region. Or maybe about how you see Tolkien's works and how this may differ from the viewpoint we have, as our view can be colored slightly differently thanks to the excellent Finnish translations that we have of Tolkien's works.

And who knows, maybe some of our projects can live as sister English projects - like the slow group reading of the Lord of the Rings that is currently underway.

As a final note, I added a small introduction of Kontu in English to our about page.
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I wonder why some people have been talking about things that would not come to this end!