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Thanks and Turku Meeting

Keskustelu huoneessa 'The Table', aloittanut emarde, 12.11.2014.

  1. emarde

    emarde Hobitti

    First off, thanks for providing this area for English speakers! I really appreciate it, and once I figured out how to switch it all to English, it was much easier for me to navigate.

    Also, I was speaking with some others from Turku about a small gathering that was going to occur in mid-November, but I can't seem to find the post again. If someone could provide me a link or let me know when that meet-up will be, I am still interested in coming.

    Looking forward to seeing you guys at the moot in late November!

    Heathertoes tykkää tästä.
  2. Merri

    Merri Ylläpitäjä Vastuuhenkilö Ylläpitäjä

  3. Heathertoes

    Heathertoes Seuran varapuheenjohtaja Vastuuhenkilö Suomen Tolkien-seura

    Hi emarde!

    EDIT: Wait NO NO, how did I not see Merri's link there? I just read that as "welcome [to the Green Dragon]" or such. No more pipeweed for me...

    ///Is it this thread you're looking for? No dates set up there yet, it seems. (go and kick their arses, go go! :grin: )

    See you at the (pre-)Christmas moot! :)

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