Thanks and Turku Meeting


First off, thanks for providing this area for English speakers! I really appreciate it, and once I figured out how to switch it all to English, it was much easier for me to navigate.

Also, I was speaking with some others from Turku about a small gathering that was going to occur in mid-November, but I can't seem to find the post again. If someone could provide me a link or let me know when that meet-up will be, I am still interested in coming.

Looking forward to seeing you guys at the moot in late November!



Eläköitynyt hallituslainen
Hi emarde!

EDIT: Wait NO NO, how did I not see Merri's link there? I just read that as "welcome [to the Green Dragon]" or such. No more pipeweed for me...

///Is it this thread you're looking for? No dates set up there yet, it seems. (go and kick their arses, go go! :grin: )

See you at the (pre-)Christmas moot! :)