Kontu Se on hyvä paikka elää ja olla!

Pikkujoulumiitti Hämeenkoskella 28.—30.11.

Keskustelu huoneessa 'Yhdistyksen tapahtumat', aloittanut Vampirelady, 01.10.2014.

  1. emarde

    emarde Hobitti

    @Ulmo and @douv - Yeah, I should have mentioned that my intention was not to suggest that I wanted us to cook all of those, or spend all of our time cooking. I merely thought the idea of cooking some "hobbit food" would be fun, and thought I'd post those links, since they had some cool stuff. By no means do I think we should make some of those fancy things, maybe just a few simple ones, haha. I think it may have come across a bit overzealous, so I figured I'd make it clear that is not all I want to do.
    @Vampirelady yes, you mentioned it. thanks for reminding me. I'll definitely bring something for the secret santa =P
  2. Jasdril

    Jasdril Kontulainen Vastuuhenkilö

    Nuh, just saying that I'm far too excited that we will be having even more international guests this time! I really enjoy the opportunities to speak English - and I'm also really sorry in advance because my language skills aren't really good! :D
  3. Ulmo

    Ulmo Kontulainen

    I meant that there could be some wine in the stew. I understand that it is also forbidden. Sorry, didn't think this one through!
  4. Merri

    Merri Ylläpitäjä Vastuuhenkilö Ylläpitäjä

    Hey, I think I see the traditional Finnish view on speaking English: be good, sometimes on better level than some native speakers, and then worry it isn't good enough! :) Same goes with writing. We Finns worry far too much about these things.

    On the other news, I guess I could tell that Mario Kart 8 will be with us again this time. So if you want to learn some Finnish swearing all you need to do is to watch people play the game!
  5. emarde

    emarde Hobitti

    HAHA! Well all I have to say is that I certainly will not be watching MarioKart, but rather, kicking some Finnish butt! =D Never played 8 before, but that sounds great.

    And yes, Finns tend to be much more self-conscious about their language skills than need be. Many Finns are extremely proficient at speaking English, they are just worried about "making a mistake" which happens to anyone, even in their native tongue.
  6. Pagba

    Pagba Hyvienkin vitsien kertoja

    There's a good chance for Ingress players in Hämeenkoski downtown to collect easy points: all five portals have decayed and they're up for grabs. There's even a chance for an onion field!
  7. Ulmo

    Ulmo Kontulainen

    @emarde :D , though it would be nice to cook all those things, and especially eat them!
    How should we arrange this ?

    I'm SO nervous every time I have to speak English, the words just doesn't come out right.
  8. eowynofmay

    eowynofmay Kontulainen

    Don't worry about speaking english, cause the most common english in the world is bad english. There are so much more no-native speakers than native and everyone has own way to speak. I enjoyed especially to hear our indian consultants :D (when I worked in international project). Or... was he from Pakistan? Well, anyway. About Ulmo's comment... It's curious how I hear in my head the words pronounced right, but I just cannot produce them so. I need more practise and I envy you all, cause I cannot come this time!!! Have fun out there! And please tell how you succeeded with mushroom recipies! I have plenty of mushrooms...
  9. emarde

    emarde Hobitti

    @Ulmo if we want to organize something, we could make a google document and have people type in what they want to make? Not sure if you've done this in the past and have a way to organize such things- if so, let me know what you did before. if you think that a google spreadsheet would work, let me know and I post a link to one. If people don't post anything they will make due to lack of interest, we will just not do it.
  10. Steelsheen

    Steelsheen teräskiiltovotjake

    Everyone should stop worrying about their English (based on this thread, anyway) :) I wish I could come join the Mario Kart fun (I'm really really good at the swearing part) and maybe capture those portals, but sadly I can't.
  11. emarde

    emarde Hobitti

    A couple of things:

    I have created a google spreadsheet where anyone can add 'hobbit food' that they may cook for a (potential) communal feast. It does not have to be a hobbit food, since we can imagine things they ate in addition to the ideas in the links I put in the document. The link to the spreadsheet is below:

    Also, is there a list of the people that are going to the moot, along with their real names/ages? I was interested in seeing who is coming and how many people, since I'm very new to these forums and the whole group.
  12. Merri

    Merri Ylläpitäjä Vastuuhenkilö Ylläpitäjä

    Right at the moment the list is unavailable, it would be displayed in the first post if the tag was implemented. It is missing right now as we just moved to a new forum software and displaying participants is currently under development. However the older list didn't display ages or names to public for privacy reasons; but I could code it so that it would display more information for logged in users only. Or if I make it "wise" enough it could display more information to participants only.

    But here is a manual output:

    1. Micco
    2. Círdan
    3. Otak
    4. Ringlad
    5. Satekai
    6. Vampirelady
    7. Jasdril
    8. Sidhiel
    9. Shetai
    10. Delvor
    11. Ulmo
    12. Smaug Kultainen
    13. Sméagol Precious
    14. Olórin
    15. Rhosgobella
    16. Samooja
    17. purr
    18. Atheon
    19. Caele
    20. Lehtokuusama
    21. Gilan
    22. Merri
    23. Heathertoes
    24. heppuli
    25. emarde
    26. douv
    27. Kointähti
    28. martalex
    29. Henane
    30. Lilyenia
  13. Vampirelady

    Vampirelady Vamperi, Queen of Sassgard Vastuuhenkilö

    @Merri Also I would like to point out that there is still room for 6 more people in the Moot. It is not full yet, the list just makes it seem like so (writing this info here because idk if people are always bothered to read the first message.)
  14. Lehtokuusama

    Lehtokuusama Lonicera xylosteum

    By the way, has martalex asked anybody for the ride to Hämeenkoski? She's also propably coming from Turku.
  15. douv

    douv Kontulainen Vastuuhenkilö

    No worries, there is a habit of having a moment for introducing ourselves to each other at the beginning of each moot. Right after the part where the responsible people in charge of organising the event tell you what kind of dangerous things you shouldn't do. Some people just tell their nick, some tell both nick and real name.
  16. emarde

    emarde Hobitti

  17. Henane

    Henane Raccoon (Little, but evil)

    Lehtokuusama; Ei ole kysellyt ainakaan minulta :o

    Toivottavasti nyt laittelee, jos Martalex tulee samalla bussilla Lahteen? En minä tiedä :D
  18. Vampirelady

    Vampirelady Vamperi, Queen of Sassgard Vastuuhenkilö

    @Lehtokuusama & @Henane, laitoin martalexille sähköpostia kyydeistä jo aiemmin, hän on tulossa miittiin vasta lauantaina Helsingistä. Suosittelin tulemaan Onnibussilla Lahteen, josta joku sitten voisi hänet käydä hakemassa. Aikataulua martalex ei ole vielä ilmoittanut, mutta varmaan ihan pian ilmoittaa. :)
  19. Shetai

    Shetai STsK myyntitavaravastaava Suomen Tolkien-seura

    Olorinin kanssa olenkin jo viestitellyt, mutta tuleeko Gilan kyytiini? Savonlinnasta lähtö on n. 14.30.
  20. Kointähti

    Kointähti Parannuksen tehnyt trolli

    Miittiin osallistuminen peruuntuu omalta osaltani. Pitäkäähän te muut hauska miitti!

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