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Joo, The Simpsons Tapped Out on kyseessä. Hahmot olivat:

a-c: Kang, Kodos ja Kamala (ei Harris vaan Kangin tytär)

d-f: Selma, Patty ja Marge

g-i: Mooch Bart (tulevaisuuden "aikuinen" Bart), Baby Bart ja Mozart

j-m: Lisa, Quimby, Nelson, Martin

Pagba jatkoon


Hyvienkin vitsien kertoja
E: [N hits an inflatable kiddie pool marked "Pool of Vision"] Ah, I see you have found the Pool of Vision, gaze into it long enough and it will tell you your future.

E: [N hits the Pool of Vision again] Careful, do not disturb the sacred waters.

E: [N hits the Pool of Vision again] You are messing with powers you do not understand.

E: [N hits the Pool of Vision again] Mom! The N keeps trying to pop the Pool of Vision!


Hyvienkin vitsien kertoja
A: Let us fight to the death!

B: We're gonna send you straight to Heck!

A: Now let's see how you like sitting through a whole presentation on global warming! [using a slide show to attack them in the fight]